"Ae arz-e falasteen,
main bhi hazir hun!"

The revolutionary Pakistani poet,
Habib Jalib
  • Bill Maher: I wasn't talking about violence, I was talking about theocracy, that doesn't happen here.
  • Glenn Greenwald: Okay, that doesn't happen here but, at the same time, Iran isn't invading other countries and occupying them for a decade nor are fundamentalist Muslim countries the way the United States is so. These things are interlinked because we are continuously interfering in that part of the world.
  • Maher: Really? It's all our fault?
  • Greenwald: It's not all our fault but when you send your military for 6 straight decades to other countries to bomb them, kill their children and women and innocent men, yeah, you take responsibility for your actions.
  • Maher: That religion goes back a 1000 years before our revolutions. I don't think we could take all the blame.
  • Greenwald: I don't think we should. I think we should take a lot of it. And there's lots of bodies and corpses that have been piled up in the name of Christianity and Judaism as well.
  • Maher: Not RECENTLY.
  • Greenwald: Have you heard of the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza for the last 50 years motivated in part by extremist views of Judaism? Or the wars in Europe or the fact there were generals in the United States saying we have to go invade and destroy Iraq, a country of 26 million people, because our God is bigger? Lots of religions, not just Islam, produce violence.
  • Maher: *mumbles something about a 'silly liberal view that all religions are alike'*
  • Yes buddy you totally addressed his argument with your entrenched bigotry and total of zero facts (:
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