"Ae arz-e falasteen,
main bhi hazir hun!"

The revolutionary Pakistani poet,
Habib Jalib
Petition Nike and Adidas to Detox ↘


Ah, I frequently see so many posts on tumblr bashing Nike. Well, here’s your chance to actually do something. 

Did you know that 30 billion tonnes of wastewater are dumped into the Yangtze river every year and that Shanghai’s 20 million residents are dependent on the Yangtze for clean drinking water? 

Nike is the first company to publicly take up the Detox Challenge, claiming it aspires to the same goal of a toxic-free future. The question now is, who will be first amongst Nike, Adidas and other would-be champions to turn these words into action. 

Sign the petition to tell Nike and Adidas to Detox!

As much as 70 percent of China’s rivers, lakes and reservoirs are affected by water pollution, and the clothing industry is making it worse by pouring hazardous chemicals into the mix. 


Posted on Jul 22nd (3:05am), 3 years ago
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