"Ae arz-e falasteen,
main bhi hazir hun!"

The revolutionary Pakistani poet,
Habib Jalib

Eight Palestinians killed after those 3 Israeli settlers first went missing. Eight. Since their bodies have been found a nine year old baby girl has been purposefully run over by settlers, a 16 year old child shot dead by Israeli soldiers, and just now a 17 year old boy was kidnapped and tortured by Israeli settlers—his body was found scarred and burned. Gaza was bombarded with over 30 bombs in just the first night.

Throughout all of this there has been no proof provided that Hamas or any Palestinian group was behind the kidnapping. The homes of the ‘suspected’ perpetrators were bombed in Gaza—no evidence, no trial, no sentencing. Only arbitrary collective punishment.

Throughout all of this the events start at the kidnapping, the events start with the intentional erasure of 66 years of occupation, of imprisonment, of bombardment, of torture, of murder, of apartheid. Throughout all of this the victims have been painted as the aggressors and the terrorism of the occupier has been legitimized. The kidnapping of 3 Israeli settlers: a crime. The kidnapping of hundreds of Palestinian children: justice. The murder of 3 Israeli settlers: terrorism. The murder of 1518 Palestinian children, not even counting the ones killed just now: self-defense, security measures.

The world condemned this act of ‘terrorism’ against Israeli colonizers but has nothing to say about the torture and murder of Palestinian children. There are no words that can describe the cruelty of the disparity between the value placed upon Israeli and Palestinian lives.

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Israeli soldiers kill 16-year-old Yusef Abu Zaga in Jenin ↘

In response to the murder of the three Israeli teenagers kidnapped two weeks ago, the Israeli Air Force struck 34 targets in Gaza Tuesday night, while four rockets were fired into southern Israel from the Strip. In the West Bank, the Israeli army killed 16-year-old Yusef Abu Zaga in Jenin after it entered the city to make arrests.

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Israeli aircraft targets a civilian vehicle and assassinates two Palestinians in Gaza on Friday (June 27th).

These videos always terrify me—the similar ones of drone strikes as well—the way the car, the people in the car, are just driving unaware of the fact that a fucking missile is going to come out of the fucking sky and end their lives out of no where. Because some motherfuckers miles and miles away have the power to end human life arbitrarily with a fucking button.

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2 Palestinians killed in overnight raids in Ramallah and Nablus ↘

NABLUS (Ma’an) — Two Palestinians were shot and killed during clashes in Ramallah and Nablus overnight Sunday, as Israeli forces continued a massive search operation across the West Bank for three missing Israeli teenagers.

The killings mark a major upsurge in Israeli violence amid one of the largest deployments since the Second Intifada, with at least five Palestinians killed in the last week and more than 370 arrested.

Ahmad Said Suod Khalid, 27, in al-Ein refugee camp in Nablus and Mahmoud Ismail Atallah Tarifi, 30, in Ramallah were killed as locals protested raids in those areas early Sunday morning.

In al-Ein refugee camp, Israeli soldiers fired four gunshots at Khalid while he was headed to a mosque for dawn prayer. 

According to eyewitnesses, the soldiers asked Khalid to go back home, but he refused and insisted on walking to the mosque. At this point, a soldier pointed his rifle at him and shot him several times from point-blank range. 

The victim’s body was subsequently taken to Rafidia Hospital in Nablus. 

(…) "Initial inquiry suggests that the suspect was mentally unstable," the [Israeli] statement said, adding that "the incident is currently being investigated."

n Ramallah, a young Palestinian man Mahmoud Ismail Atallah was found dead on the roof of a commercial building opposite to another building where Israeli snipers were stationed. 

It is believed that a sniper shot Atallah, and he bled for hours before his body was found. 

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14 year old Mohammad Dudan murdered this morning by IOF soldiers in a city near Hebron. الله يرحمك يا شهيدنا

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Palestinian dies of heart attack as Israeli troops raid home ↘


SALFIT (Ma’an) – An elderly Palestinian man died early Saturday of heart attack during a heated argument with Israeli troops who broke into his house in the village of Haris in Salfit district in the northern West Bank.

Palestinian security sources said Israeli soldiers refused to allow family members of Jamil Ali Abed Jabir to take him to hospital for treatment after he suffered a heart attack and eventually died at home. The victim was in his 60s.

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Israeli forces kill Palestinian during raids ↘

Israeli forces have killed a Palestinian man and arrested the speaker of parliament, as the hunt for three Israelis believed to have been kidnapped in the occupied West Bank continued.

Twenty-one-year-old Ahmed Sabarin was shot in the chest, according to hospital officials at the Palestine Medical Centre, as the Israeli army conducted house-to-house searches in al-Jalazon refugee camp, on the edge of Ramallah.

Sabarin died of his wounds in hospital. Another man was wounded in the assault, and at least five others from the camp were arrested. The Israeli army said Sabarin was shot after throwing a brick at Israeli soldiers.

Israel has accused Hamas of being behind the kidnapping of three Israeli teens who were hitch-hiking in the West Bank on Thursday night.

Its forces have so far rounded up more than 150 Palestinians, including parliament speaker Abdel Aziz Dweik, who was taken on Monday morning.

On Sunday night, two Palestinian children were wounded when Israeli forces detonated their front door in Hebron, which has been cordoned off with checkpoints and roadblocks. Their father Akram al-Qawasami, who was also injured, was detained.

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One Palestinian child has been killed by Israel every 3 days for the past 13 years ↘

One thousand five hundred and eighteen. Children.

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Palestinian man shot dead by Israeli forces near Ramallah ↘

RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian man near the Ramallah village of Ein Siniya on Wednesday.

A Ma’an reporter identified the victim as Muhammad Mahmoud Mubarak, 22, from al-Jalazun refugee camp.

Israeli forces in the area denied Palestinian ambulances access to the body before medics were eventually allowed to transfer the man to Ramallah Medical Complex.

A Palestinian official in the military liaison department told Ma’an that Mubarak was shot dead by a soldier positioned in a military watchtower.

"A Palestinian terrorist opened fire at an IDF (army) post near Ofra. The soldiers responded immediately in order to eliminate the imminent threat to their lives and fired towards the terrorist, identifying a hit," Israel’s army said.

Eyewitnesses in the area told Ma’an that Mubarak was a laborer working with the al-Tarifi company on a USAID funded project to refurbish the main road in Ein Siniya.

Earlier, he had been directing traffic in the area with a handheld sign.

"While he was doing his job, a number of Israeli soldiers arrived and started to harass him," witnesses told Ma’an.

"They forced him to take off his clothes, then put them on again. Then they ordered him to take a few steps forward, then walk back, and finally they shot him and left him bleeding preventing ambulance and medics from reaching him."

Coworkers and an executive from the al-Tarifi company were close-by when the shooting took place.

Last year, Israel’s army killed 27 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, according to UN statistics.

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Crushed to death: Palestinian man dies at overcrowded West Bank checkpoint
59-year-old Adel Muhammad Yakoub from the northern West Bank village of Balaa died as a result of extreme overcrowding inside the Ephraim/Taybeh checkpoint. The victim left behind a wife and seven children, aged 11-16. He is reported to have suffered from heart disease. 


Crushed to death: Palestinian man dies at overcrowded West Bank checkpoint

59-year-old Adel Muhammad Yakoub from the northern West Bank village of Balaa died as a result of extreme overcrowding inside the Ephraim/Taybeh checkpoint. The victim left behind a wife and seven children, aged 11-16. He is reported to have suffered from heart disease. 

Israeli raid in West Bank kills Palestinian ↘


Israeli troops have shot and fatally wounded a suspected Palestinian fighter during a raid on his home in a refugee camp in the occupied West Bank, the Israeli army and Palestinian security officials said.

Palestinian security sources named the dead man as Islam al-Tubasi, 21, and said he was shot as troops stormed his home in the Jenin refugee camp in the northern West Bank.

"The wanted suspect was injured, evacuated by military forces for further treatment and later died of his wounds in an Israeli hospital," an Israel military statement said on Tuesday.

The sources had no information on whether he was engaged in armed activity but said that his brother, who had been active in Islamic Jihad, was shot dead by troops in 2006.

The Israeli army statement said that as soldiers attempted to arrest Tubasi, a crowd gathered and began attacking them with gunfire, petrol bombs and improvised explosives.

"Amidst the turmoil, the target of the activity was identified attempting to flee the area. The security forces managed to detain the suspect using live fire," the statement said.

It said that troops also had shot and wounded one of the rioters, who was taken to an Israeli hospital.

The Israeli military spokesman, Peter Lerner, said there would be a review of the incident.

"The ongoing terrorist threat from the Jenin area requires that the IDF (Israeli army) maintains operational access to the area," Lerner was quoted as saying on a blog by the Israeli army.

Last month, two Palestinians were killed in clashes during an arrest raid in Jenin.

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Funeral of the Martyr Majd Shahla (17 years) who was assassinated by Israeli occupation forces today at dawn in Jenin refugee camp, 20 August, 2013.


Funeral of the Martyr Majd Shahla (17 years) who was assassinated by Israeli occupation forces today at dawn in Jenin refugee camp, 20 August, 2013.

Why Did Canadian Police Shoot This Teenager 9 Times Inside an Empty Streetcar? ↘


It was just another Friday night in the young life of 18-year-old Sammy Yatim — until he was shot nine times by a police officer for brandishing a small knife inside an empty streetcar.

Despite the existence of at least three videos that capture the exact moment Sammy was gunned down by an as-yet-unidentified Toronto Police officer while standing inside an empty downtown tram holding a two-inch blade, many questions remain unresolved.

Here’s what we do know:

Sammy, a Syrian immigrant, moved to Toronto with his dad five years ago after his parents got divorced. His mom still lives in Aleppo. He had recently graduated from Brebeuf College School and was preparing to start college in the fall. He recently moved out of his house and into the home of a friend after a disagreement with his dad over his future, as well as a penchant he developed for smoking pot.

A knife collector by hobby, Sammy was a “quiet, respectful guy,” who was in the process of getting his life back on track after some setbacks.

He had hung out with some friends at the mall on Friday, and was on his way home when he apparently got sidetracked.

Just after midnight, Sammy boarded a streetcar on Dundas St., took out his knife, exposed himself, and ordered all the passengers to leave.

Here’s what we don’t know:

It is unclear what set him off, and why he ignored officers’ requests to drop the knife. (A witness to the incident said Sammy looked “like he was shocked.”)

We also don’t know why 23 officers felt their lives were put in jeopardy by a teenager with a pocket knife standing like a deer in headlights inside an empty public transportation vehicle.

And the most critical question of all: Why was it necessary to fire nine bullets into Sammy’s upper torso — several of which were discharged after he had already dropped — and then Taser his lifeless body.


If you click the link, you can watch the video of the incident, the officers were clearly not at risk, this is insane.

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75-year-old Pakistani man killed by a white man with a machete in Birmingham two weeks ago. Barely any media coverage ↘

Detectives appeal for witnesses after Mohammed Saleem, 75, was stabbed to death as he returned home from local mosque 

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Official: Israeli forces kill man, wound another in Gaza ↘

12th January, 2013

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli forces fired at the northern Gaza Strip on Friday, killing one man and injuring another, medics said. 

Gaza health ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra told Ma’an that Anwar Muhammad al-Mamlouk, 22, was killed by Israeli fire east of Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza. 

Another man was seriously wounded and taken to the Kamal Udwan hospital by paramedics. 

The incident happened near a cemetery by the refugee camp, al-Qidra said. 

Al-Mamlouk was in an outdoor area studying for an exam when he was killed, according to his brother Hani, who was not harmed in the incident.

"Al-Mamlouk was in an outdoor area studying for an exam when he was killed…"

"…studying for an exam when he was killed…”

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